Real estate investments in Cape Vert 
Real estate investments in Cape Vert 

Real estate investments in Cape Vert 

Real estate investments in Cape Vert 
The islands of the Cape Vert archipelagos are reachable in a few hours from Europe (5 hours and 30 minutes). There are ten islands, all different among them and each one with its actual characteristic … one of the last uncontaminated paradises of our planet, where you can spend an unforgettable holiday.
Boavista Cape Vert Island is an ideal destination for everyone.
Reasons why you should invest in Cape Vert
  • Uncontaminated environment
  • Tranquillity and population hospitality
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Dry and constant climate (23° – 30° all year)
  • Absence of social conflicts
  • Political stability and democratic government
  • Full property rights
  • Low purchase taxes
  • Revaluation and Income higher than in Europe
  • Paradise for water sport: windsurf, kitesurf, big game fishing;
  • Big investments on behalf of tour operators in the estate section
In conclusion, we can affirm that Cape Vert has to be taken in consideration as an investment. Boavista offers several solutions to point on solid and lasting investments. During these years indeed there has been a strong inclination towards estate investments.
Such makes that this island is retained to be absolutely a  very interesting prospective of touristic and business investments.
Purchasing a house for the holidays now could also be a good investment for the future.
Possibility of estate investment in Cape Vert
In this moment there are many possibilities of estate investments in Cape Vert:
  • Luxury villas on the beach with private swimming pool
  • Lofts in front of the beach
  • Apartments
  • One-room apartments
vacanza capoverde boavista
vacanza capoverde boavista

Income investments in Cape Vert 

If you are looking for an investment which could give you an income for your future, we have the solution for you:
  • Net income of 5% for 10 years guaranteed with bank guarantee
The new project of Boavista White Hotel is interesting for who wants to invest in an intelligent and pondered way. It is an innovative project for Boavista island and for Cape Vert which inspired from an already tested reality in the Anglo-Saxon counties.

Why Cape Vert?

Invest in Cape Vert today does not mean only counting on one of the most beautiful and fascinating paradises on earth, but means operating in a stable country, which does not have any risks of currency change and which offers interesting opportunities for the present and future.
Cape Vert has been famous for tourism being constant and developing during the years.
The income prospective is consequently important, constant and with a positive development, above all, for the luxury solution which we have proposed.
The new project of the Boavista White Hotel is very interesting. It is an innovative thing for Boavista Island and Cape Vert but already used in Anglo-Saxon countries.
The “Apart Hotel” called “White Aparthotel” will have 4 stars and will be situated at the beginning of Boavista town.
The “Condo Hotel” formula is characterized by the realization of a Hotel with single rooms purchased by private individuals. The rooms will be then managed by a company which with an ordinary hotel management contract will guarantee an annual income of 5% to the single owner.
In substance, the hotel rooms are sold to private individuals who will become owners at all effects. They will have a limited use of the rooms in a temporal period of time, previously identified and agreed in the number of weeks. For the rest of the period, the rooms will be rented with the hotel formula to third parties on behalf of the same White company.

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Real estate investments in Cape Vert. Real estate investments in Cape Vert. Cape Vert Real estate investments